Sunday, June 17, 2007

Father's Day (under the Crape Myrtle)

We had a father's day luncheon in our front yard today! He's wearing his new favorite shirt sent to him from his loving sister Melinda. What made "the luncheon" especially wonderful was Sienna who got here last night from her long trek back from Norway. Hopefully we can all stay put for while. Oh, Damien got burgundy crocs and a medley of chocolates from me, a frisbee (Damien's favorite sport to play!) and a starbucks gift card from Kyrie and some other things... we made it fun.


feetofclay said...

Did you get your hair cut short? You remind me of me in these pictures.

kate said...

yea,way too short---groan

Yukiko said...

I saw the pictures of your luncheon on one of the girl's flickr. Looked so relaxing and fun. It made me want to join you guys!