Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Jedd was a Christmas tree I think (he had lights on), Pax was a hobo, Mason, a big scary guy...big reunion at the Salvatore's again. It is the one time during the year that Becky Cooney and I see each other and "pretend" to catch up. Once again Lisa put out food for everyone (in the house) and we passed out candy to hordes and hordes of kids.
So an incident happened tonight that is the typical spoiled 2007 little kid. I put a Reeces in a little girl's bag and just before it drops in she whines, "I don't like Reeces." Unbelievable. Other than that, it was fun. Damien said I shouldn't have given her anything but I just couldn't have taken it back and I really didn't want to reprimand her though I was sorely tempted.
Ida was missed this year. She is in Florida trick or treating with her granddaughter Savannah.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Commemorating with a fun photo...

Linnea and Ben's 4th month wedding anniversary!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Simple Pleasures

Being with a kid is such a great excuse to enjoy all the simple pleasures. First thing on the list this morning was for Eli and me to buy 2 big pumpkins and 1 little one. Second thing, go to the thrift store to buy chalk, an airplane, a truck, books, man dolls (3 Kens-you know, Barbie and Ken). He promptly named one of them "My Steve", his dad who he doesn't see very much. I hit the jack pot finding fall tops and sweaters. Then it is home to walk the dog, have lunch which for him was "cereal salad"(remember howard and huntington kids?) For 2 hours I had the pleasure of noticing how engrossed he was in all those inexpensive items. Oh, I also got him a new, black baseball glove (2 bucks) and a softball and I don't think he had played catch before. That was fun. Now he is tuckered out waiting for me to read those books we got-yeah, think of us lounging on the couch with the fan blowing our way and the fall leaves racing across the lawn outside and a very good chance of some rain-one of those very wonderful Fall days. It reminds me of the good times I had with my little ones.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

My mom

My mother is so remarkable in just about every way that my brother Robert says her example, her opinion, her thoughts on a matter just don't count (because she doesn't represent normal people). For instance, I go to Annapolis every Tuesday morning to be at a Bible study with my sister. Last Tuesday I called to tell her I wouldn't be over because my other sister wanted to do errands with me. Here is how my mom of 85 who doesn't see me very much responds: "Have a great time with Dawn honey. See you next Tuesday!"
Here is another example of how she is not like normal people. She is in great shape because she is very active dancing, walking and golfing.
Thirdly, she has been cooking and baking the noon meal for the employees of a thriving business for the last 50 years. The employees are her sons. Many family members visit her in the course of a week. Yesterday there were dozens of people visiting and eating and having a great time. As I was leaving-like in my car-she called me back because she had a gift for me-a great big container of Oil of Olay body lotion and a new scrubby thing and money for a pedicure!! I enjoyed my 90 minute drive back to my home and thought about her very attractive ways most of the way.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Pax and his priorities!

I have been giggling about this since last night. Pax and Damien were engrossed in a long Scrabble game and I guess a word came up that reminded him of priorities and he blurts out without a whole lot of thought and in a funny way, "My priorities are God, football and chips!"