Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Jedd was a Christmas tree I think (he had lights on), Pax was a hobo, Mason, a big scary guy...big reunion at the Salvatore's again. It is the one time during the year that Becky Cooney and I see each other and "pretend" to catch up. Once again Lisa put out food for everyone (in the house) and we passed out candy to hordes and hordes of kids.
So an incident happened tonight that is the typical spoiled 2007 little kid. I put a Reeces in a little girl's bag and just before it drops in she whines, "I don't like Reeces." Unbelievable. Other than that, it was fun. Damien said I shouldn't have given her anything but I just couldn't have taken it back and I really didn't want to reprimand her though I was sorely tempted.
Ida was missed this year. She is in Florida trick or treating with her granddaughter Savannah.


ukrainiac said...

Back in the day...a Reese's would have been one of the highlights of the night. I remember going home and sorting the stash into sizes and categories! Comparing my loot to my siblings' take.

feetofclay said...

youbetcha. and Nestle's crunch ran a close second.

kibbe said...

You're a nicer person than I am Kate, I'd definItely have taken it back!

kate said...

o.k. then, next time that happens, their gettin' it. Thanks Kibbe!

riverrat said...

My mom commented on all the "chunky" trick-or-treaters(another sign of the times)? I asked her if she gave out sugar-free candy:-)
I love to get the "count" from my Dad, who is retired, and who meticulously counts each piece(only ONE piece per kid). They had to close down a little early this year because of the amount of kids.
(I collected Smarties in my day).

annie said...

what! reese's were basically the only reason i ever trick-or-treated.

and did i complain when someone handed me a stupid sweet-tart? um, no.

that story makes me ill.