Thursday, May 1, 2008

It is the long-awaited May 1 and I can now say, "BRAE WILL BE HOME NEXT MONTH!"

I have been waiting to be able to say that. Damien, find a picture for this. just the right one-a little kid doing a cartwheel or I have to give you an idea!

ALSO, it is the official countdown to my sister's son's wedding..."10!"... All my Chattanooga kids have 9 days to get it together and land here! I believe in you guys. You can do it.

Also, my best friend in the seventh grade-Jane Gallagher-I always remember that it is her birthday today! I wish I knew her number. She is in Annapolis somewhere. Gotta go sub.

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jonlyn said...

Well Lowen, Kyrie, and I will be there! Can't wait. I am so excited about seeing you and Damien again and beautiful Maryland