Friday, March 23, 2007


I was just boasting about how I never get sick. I've had about 2 headaches in my life while all around me I hear of family and friends who suffer routinely from them. I think it started last evening when I had too much liquid vitamins. After that I noticed a nagging headache, went to bed and woke up with it. Nothing a little coffee wouldn't fix and off I went to sub for a class of 2nd graders. I began to let my kids know that I was holding my head for a reason and to settle down while I got some kites together for 2pm kite time. Outside with everyone I am sitting and now I am holding my head and my stomach. I can not believe I am in the grip of a "sick headache." I can not believe my children and friends go through this horrible thing regularly. I have no tolerance for this-none. I get home, get some sympathy from Damien and think about throwing up and then my wonderful , wonderful friend John comes over. I can't miss that. I try to focus on him for awhile. We're thinking maybe I am dehydrated so I down 4 glasses of cold water slowly. Just before he leaves I am really ready to throw up and slip off to the bathroom. Relief comes and feeling terrible actually begins to fade with the help of a very cold cloth on my forehead. I would rather die than live with those and then I think of Damien who has been sick or nauseous for the better part of 17 months and never complains. No more boasting from me for awhile.


feetofclay said...

We're over there frolicking in words and not a single soul has sympathized with your migraine? Shame on us. If I didn't have a headache myself I probably would have commented far sooner.

Katie said...

I hope you feel better Mrs. Kate!

-Katie Lin (Blackmon)

Vincent said...

Hey Aunt Kate,

I just tried to send this message to you via gmail, but gmail's down right now. So I'll just leave it here:

We feel your migraine pain: Lowen, Sienna and I. Migaines will rise up like a storm on the horizon, gray and ominous, building speed, approaching fast, and lay you out.

I will pray the Lord brings sunshine back to your mind.

I just finished reading through Deuteronomy, the song of Moses and his final blessing to the people of Israel: it's a praise and petition full of confidence and trust in the Lord; and it's as amazing as anything David wrote: full of hope in God. Look to him, as you have always told me to. He brings healing in his wings.

Love you-_-Vincent

kate said...

thank you Vincent-I was only sick with it for one little day-I was a real sissy cause I am well so much of the time did you see my comment on your flicker site picture of you, Lo and Josiah? xoxo

feetofclay said...

so today in the paper it said vitamin B-2, 100 mg daily. is that riboflavin? I'm finding magnesium, 250 mg daily, to be helpful.