Monday, April 2, 2007

Car talk

My brother-in-law David and his son Ben and I spent a lot of time together traveling to and from Silver Spring this past weekend. Ben is 17 today. He was interested to talk about God and it was really encouraging to hear his thoughts about eternal things. His father encouraged all of us to read the Gospels and jot down questions and comments that we could talk about the next time we meet. 17 is a hard age in so many ways. Ben commented on how none of his friends are Christians. I remember leaving the carefree years of childhood and grappling with uncomfortable things like voting, driving, a changing body, algebra and the strange new world of sororities and "parties" and guys. No wonder most of us feel weird and displaced at 17. Ben seems to have a lot going for him and a lot on the ball. You should hear him go on and on about history and his adored little sister "Fuss" and his growing understanding that dating in high school is really stupid (his word). A guy who likes to talk to older people like me is a novelty in itself. I really enjoyed spending time with him and David.

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Anonymous said...

Mrs. Kate...I love you!!

Anything/everything you write down is like a little treat or candy to my eyes and mind!

thanks for writing your thoughts and feelings, you inspire me!