Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Red Pax

Since red has been showing up on other family blogs I thought
I'd post this picture of Pax taken with our new little Nikon.
I think Pax is watching The Sound of Music. He's on the coziest
little corner of our living room couch.


feetofclay said...

My all time favorite movie...what is everybody's favorite part? "You're blushing!" "I am? I don't suppose I'm used to dancing."

Katie Lin said...

When the children are singing to Baroness Schraeder in the room after Georg and Maria has a falling out and he asks her to leave. Well... when he is walking in the room, and starts to sing with his children and takes in the words that Maria has told him, and asks her to say. Yes, that is my favorite part!

Damien said...

Herr Zeller: I've not asked you where you and your family are going. Nor have you asked me why I am here.
Captain VonTrapp: Well, apparently, we're both suffering from a deplorable lack of curiosity.

wifey singer said...

super cool pax.