Sunday, April 8, 2007

Easter Sunday

Kate and nutty girlfriends....Kate cooking (which Lisa says I never do), and girlfriends being way too manic in the kitchen because we are around FOOD.


ukrainiac said...

Nothing better than some nutty girlfriends!

kate said...

Lisa to the left was my right hand "woman" the entire time Dame was in the hosp-nothing she wouldn't do for me--even sent her wonderful husband over to hug me regularly! Ida is a very significant friend. I met her when pregnant with Lowen at the health department clinic. She has helped me raise all my kids-she's Puerto Rican like me.

either sienna or kyrie said...

you're so pretty in these! how'd you get pictures? did papa get a camera? I loved seeing these.

keep them coming!
we really missed you yesterday.
love, sienna

wifey singer said...

great post.
girlfriends are blessings.

y'all are CUTE!!