Thursday, April 5, 2007


I have been at the Montessouri school this week which means I have had the pleasure of seeing Posie and Levi and Anne a lot. Anne teaches singing in French, how to play instruments, relaxation of body and mind (some stretching) and little talks about loving yourself and others. I especially liked how she talked briefly to be mindful of what you are eating at meal times. We all shovel food in at times and eat without thinking or too fast so I enjoyed what she said. Brae is big time into those thoughts on food! But what I wanted to say was how Posie really impressed me today. Three girls, all around age 11, were trying to put a dance together for the upcoming mother's tea and I noticed Posie getting ujncomfortable with how it was coming along. The one ring leader was incorporating pop music (you know, bubblegum stuff) with all the accompanying throw your hip out and your chest and shake it down stuff and Posie had had her fill though she was trying to be a good sport. Finally with a little coaxing from me she said with tears, "My family loves jazz (the meat!)and other kinds of music and my family doesn't really like this kind of music and I don't like dancing like that. My mom doesn't really want me to do that and my dad..." Well, you get the message. She referenced her family so many times in that little conversation that it made me cry ( later in the kitchen with Anne who was cooking!). It was really precious to see that budding individualism, her objections and her sensitivity.

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feetofclay said...

"...shake it down stuff..." So descriptive, Kate. Seriously. Good for Posie. It's not easy to go against the tide. I hope you mentioned to her that you were proud of her for standing up for her convictions.