Sunday, April 29, 2007

Saturday with the Boys

photo by Robin Wilkinson

Here's a great highlight shot of my boy. After Saturday's action-packed lacrosse game, Pax, Eli and I caught some news about a multi-cultural festival on Pine Street put together by Lydi Garcia and others and we were off! It was really fun going to another part of town and visiting these neighbors we wouldn't ordinarily get together with. I knew a lot of kids because of subbing. There was music, crafts, food, exhibits about things like Habitat for Humanity and there was a huge, shallow fish tank brought in from Horn Point so the kids could get up close, dangle their hands in and touch different kinds of big fish.

On May 12 there will be the second Jazz Festival on Race Street. Kids, remember Max went with you all last May? Mark your calendars.

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ukrainiac said...

Love the action photo...