Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Calm before the Storm

A few months ago I was quick to tell a teacher that of course I would sub for her for the last 6 weeks of the school year while she gets some surgery done. Well, I have been spending some time with her and I cannot believe what is expected of me and how little time this person spent going over stuff with me. I will have 7 different groups of kids in many different grades. Each group has their own curriculum and I get a big fat teacher's manual for each group to figure out daily lesson plans. Hello? What? What the? (little joke between Damien and me. We walk around saying "What the?") I cannot afford to panic, my calm and steady sister tells me, so instead I have this little laugh going on today. I sub because I am spontaneous and don't plan much and just go and do it. This commitment is all about systems, organization, new materials every day, putting things back exactly where I got them , using these materials I have never even seen before, different closets I need to get familiar with...what the? Don't you love it when people look at you and say, "Oh it's easy-you won't have any problem." She has been teaching for 37 years!
I fall into this abyss bright and early tomorrow morning. See you in 6 weeks.


ukrainiac said...

Praying for you...

Someone told me once that the perfect teacher (at the time I was considering home-schooling) was the one who thought she wasn't capable. That way she would depend on God. I think He may have you just where He wants you!

Kyrie said...


heck. i couldn't. but you can.

go, mom, go!

feetofclay said...

Wait a're not going to disappear on us for 6 weeks that easily. We'll be tuning in to H&H all the more to get the scoop on life at school. Your experiences are going to be bustin' through the roof and inquiring minds want to know...

Linda said...


You will be awesome! Just take it one day at a time and don't forget to breath. The kids will be blessed!