Wednesday, July 11, 2007

A Chariot without wheels...

In the early morning Damien reads to me from the Valley of Vision prayer book. We see eye to eye on these prayers. They are basically saying we are weak but He is strong and all things unfold from His mercy and wisdom. God is highly exalted and man is put in his proper place -the posture of bowing down might convey that place. Anyway, I have lagged behind in zeal, fervor and energy for God for so long that I honestly wonder if I know Him at all. I trust that He knows me and has anchored me to Himself so when Damien read this line of a certain prayer it almost made me laugh: "My soul is often a chariot without wheels, clogged and hindered in sin's miry clay..." yep, that's me and I guess I feel comforted that others have felt this way and have written about it and like I said it is He that holds us and will not let go. That is soooooooooo wonderful...but I do need to get the wheels churning somehow.


Whitney said...

Hi Mrs. Howard,

I'm Lowen's friend Whitney out in California. He's introduced me to all of you through your blogs, so I just wanted to introduce myself, too--and your blog today inspired a comment.

Just wanted to say, "Amen!" I definitely go through times like that, and the chariot line is a great analogy. Be encouraged, though. I learned a new worship song this summer that's helped me in that way--maybe you've heard it. Check it out:

Nice to meet you. :-)

kate said...

Hi Whitney, Thank you so much for your comment. Let us know if you have a blog. Damien and Sienna and I are going to listen to the song on youtube so gotta go. Nice to meet you too, Kate.

Susan a.k.a Lucy said...

Ah Mrs. Howard,
Your blog is lovely as are your family pics etc. Don't know if you remember me from ions ago at E.P. I went to school with your sister Dawn (and years ago in 1st grade with your brother Russell) My name was Susan Brungot then but it's Susan Ferrell now. I'm married to an O.P.C pastor and living in Boise Idaho. Anyway, I keep up with your sister and some of the old ep gang on facebook. Love the Valley of Vision quote and identify with your observations. (Also find Samuel Rutherfords work often affects me similarly by way of encouragements) Every Blessing, Susan