Wednesday, July 4, 2007


Ida and I went to the community Summer Drama Club presentation of Guys and Dolls. It was at the high school. Ida LOVES plays and I hung in there with a real smile for 3 hours. So amazing to see neighbor kids acting, special ed kids on stage, kids with little talent, kids with a lot of it--all together having a ball. Levi was in a suit and a great little gangster, Posie (star quality) as a loose woman, boys filling up the stage belting out songs (all in their own unique key!) A particular high school girl (Chalice's close friend from ballet) stole the show with her beauty and talent.

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feetofclay said...

don't be discouraged that there are no comments to your last couple of entries. sometimes words escape me but your entries are precious. I just emailed your site to my friend, Mary, mother of 7, down in FL. Your summer postings will encourage her.