Monday, November 26, 2007

Teeny little dead mouse

There is something very little (I hope) and unseen causing havoc in the Howard home. There is something decomposing in our bedroom-now that is what you call "yucky". "It" has sent us running from our room after we retrieve whatever it is we have to get. "It" has forced us to sleep head-to-head on our long couch. "It" may be in the wall because we can not find "it". After 2 days of this, Damien found miracle candles that absorbed the stench. Now I know how to answer the latest question on Pax's blog.


kibbe said...

EEEWWW...Kate, we've had this happen too. We have left our very nice smelling home in the morning only to come home in the early evening to..."that smell!!!" How on earth does it happen so quickly?
It usually smells better in24 hours if it's a mouse.
Do you remember our old Acme used to have something die in the produce section every year? And it must have been bigger because it would linger.....

feetofclay said...

What a cute picture. Please don't burn down your house by failing to attend to the candles. It would be a shame to have endured two years of Johns Hopkins only to have you all (well, 4 of you anyway)go up in flames.