Thursday, May 24, 2007

End of school year trip!

This is me and my little (Mud Turtle) friend at Blackwater Refuge! Damien and I hiked along pathways and the water's edge. We didn't have our kids trailing behind us as we did in prior years but it was just as enjoyable as a couple. We saw several Banded Water Snakes right at our feet and dozens and dozens of Painted Turtles basking in the sun. We could learn a few lessons about taking it easy from those little critters.


ukrainiac said...

You look great, Kate. And, I agree, it's a pleasure to just stroll, observe, enjoy ... as a couple, not just leading children. (Not that any of us would trade those experiences in!!!)

(I will admit, though, that I would probably not have enjoyed the snake sighting!)

sienna said...

i love when you put pictures on...

this reminds me of when i took terence and naomi to blackwater and it was just a nightmare..suddenly the snakes that papa used to show us and make us feel comfortable around and see their beauty were SO scary cause they were freaking out and the bugs were everywhere, terence screaming and crawling up me. oooh it was bad...nothing like the qauint trips that we used to have in our childhood.