Thursday, May 10, 2007

"Supa dam hawd"

The title is an inside joke among our family and a few friends. My 17th day subbing for a certain teacher is somewhat rewarding and enjoyable but today was just "supa dam hawd". Pax said that many years ago at age 5 when Damien asked him how his dentist appointment went that day. He had many cavities filled during that particular appointment and a root canal.
Anyway, since working everyday I can't believe I live in a world where so many people leave their home early and get home late EVERYDAY for decades. I am needing to sit deep in my home and live in the heart of it again. It gives me a new appreciation for my hard-working husband who worked long hours with Larson-Juhl through sweltering heat and ice storms, sick or well, feeling down or up year in and year out... he went for us...and, Lord willing, is returning to his work June 2.


ukrainiac said...

"I am needing to sit deep in my home and live in the heart of it again."

What a great sentence ... it says it all.

ukrainiac said...

"Supa dam hawd" -- I was waiting for a British explanation. Made me laugh to read that it was 5-year-old Pax!!

kyrieanna said...

it was shocking to hear that from Pax but somehow with what he went through...we let it slide and tried not to laugh

feetofclay said...

Always encouraging and uplifting to read your blog entries. Love it. Love you.