Thursday, May 17, 2007

My girl Sienna is 20 and gone again.

Sienna was home from college for a short week before she flew away again. I miss Sienna's calm, loving and uplifting ways with her Papa. I miss the funny faces she makes, her affectionate smiles and how she can make me laugh when I am in a bad mood. It will be fun to anticipate her return. There are irises in full bloom in the garden and I always think of her when I see them because they were flowering around our home when I returned from the hospital after having her.


feetofclay said...

We love that girl! And she has a new cousin born to honor the day...Luke Alan Brabazon, born on Sienna's 20th birthday.

Damien said...

let's just see how long sienna can stay 20 years ahead of that boy.

riverrat said...

Had a neat talk with that Sienna-girl at church before she headed out. She is so grown-up and has a good head on her shoulders. (Why do our daughters show us how it should be)?!