Sunday, May 13, 2007

The Gentle Giant

Dave Lee was a man in his forties... 6'4" and 250 lbs or so... our big, extended Howard family knew him because he was a close friend to my brother-in-law David Howard for the last 30 years. Dave Lee with his longish hair and beard was a noticeable sight on his bike which is how he got around in his hometown of Easton. This past winter he was quite pleased about having his license and his own little car. He called Damien often to see how he was and came over recently to see us. He never stayed long - just inquired as to how we were doing and that he was doing well in that big booming voice of his. He was hit by a truck while riding his bike last week. I just learned of his death. At the memorial service, I am sure we will hear of his gentleness, his generous ways and his child-like appreciation for life in general. David Lee Archer-Shee has a soul that will never die. I pray that through God's great mercy, he is resting and whole and free in the everlasting Arms of Jesus - wouldn't that be something.


Yukiko said...

Aunt Kate:

Can you e-mail Vincent and I the details? We had been praying for David Lee this past week and haven't recieved much if you can give us some, that would be so great.

feetofclay said...

What a tender tribute you have written. They will know we are Christians because we have such love one for another.