Sunday, February 4, 2007

Another Country

I know something. I know that I am easily satisfied with earthly joys and pursuits. I put my heart and soul into preparing a vegetable garden out back for the spring and summer and feel fulfilled and happy when I gaze into the face of a little child. I'm ready to call it a day. I know that I still drink deeply from the wrong fountains - good water but not the best.
I know there is a boundless sea of delights if I would only learn to draw comfort and joy in the life to come and in the inheritance of the saints. If there were books on this to fill the earth, I bet it would still not plumb the depths of all that God has for us in the life to come. If I would devote myself to this glorious secret of real life, I would understand more of what it means to be a sojourner on the earth - not being overly troubled by this loss or that one or by anything else. I would be less likely to be undone by life's winds and storms. Christians are born to great hopes (future certainties). So... Let us long for and seek after another country.

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sarah funke said...

we live the now for the promise of the infinite.

~mos def