Saturday, February 3, 2007


The blog I wrote for today is a bit "heavy" (I'll save it for Sunday). So for fear of losing the few viewers I might have ("that blogger is too serious.") I am going to try and get you to giggle. My sister sent me a copy of the book she is reading called A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson. She is thinking it might possibly keep her out of the insane asylum. She heard that laughing each day, even if you have to schedule it, like putting in a tape from comedian Brian Regan, just may preserve the last little bit of well-being she has--hey, it's worth a try. So we are reading the book together and I am reading it aloud to my husband. In the beginning of the book the author is at the diner and asking the locals what they think of him striking out on to the Appalacian Trail for about six weeks. Here goes:

"Scary stuff waitin for ya out there on the AT...Remember Jeb?...tweren't nothin' left o him but a scorch mark."

"lots of diseases out there waitin to getcha...lymes there's a disease for the person who wants to experience it all."

"and Budd..was visiting a bush in the middle of the night, got swooped down on by a fearsome owl and the last he saw of his scalp it was dangling from talons prettily silohuetted against the harvest moon."

I don't know. Maybe it's a book for the Pastrana girls-we're tickled.

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