Sunday, February 11, 2007

Just Weird

Pax and Damien and I playing Scrabble on a Friday night, Pax and Damien watching football and chatting away as I am falling asleep in my bed, Pax getting help from both of us on papers to be written for school, Pax and his friend (or friends) spread out in our home, Pax talking to Damien and me before leaving for church with the neighbors (Damien is still taking it easy as he is recovering from pneumonia), Pax and I working on a Science Fair project with no interruptions.... My mother had 9 children and felt this way with her last son and I guess the more children you have (Damien and I have six), the stranger it is when only one is still in is just weird.


Sue said...

How is Damien? And how are you? We've been praying for you (Hope is the most faithful at it), and I have been missing seeing you at church. Haven't had time to sit and write a card saying so, so I am just writing here! We love you all!

ukrainiac said...

How is Pax handling being the only one home? Every once in a while, Jeanne comments that NOW she knows what an only child might feel like!

(Of course, starting with twins, I never knew what it was like to have an only child...)

I think of our moments in the church nursery back when the nursery was in a trailer...seems so long ago.