Thursday, February 8, 2007

One of a Kind

I got to substitute at the little Christian school where I was a teacher's helper for two years. I helped Mrs. Bloodsworth who has worked heart and soul at that school for 30 years. Her son Steve has put in almost as many years and he is the strong male figure/headmaster at the school. He is known for being the most energetic, most playful 50something year old that anyone will ever meet. The mother-son relationship at the school is something that everyone benefits from. Mrs. Bloodsworth is often expressing concern over what Steve eats or needs to eat to be healthy and brings him wonderful food. Mr. Steve is heard laughing heartily over one thing or another throughout the day and playfully exclaims "the train has derailed!" All the kids know that some minor catastrophe has occurred when we hear that familiar phrase. I had 4 kindergartners to take care of today and by the time I left I felt like I should have paid the school for the privilege of being in a relaxed, loving and respectful environment. Long live Open Bible Academy!

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funke said...

Your husband's blog is coffee.
Your blog is tea.

I love them both. Thank you.