Thursday, February 1, 2007


God, hurry to their rescue, go quickly to their side!
Their feet are slipping, their hands can not hold on
to Yours. In Your great love, revive them.
Send relief, refreshment, and a place to heal.
May they be taught by all Your testings what is
right and true. Let them shout Your name with
a praising song because all things are under Your feet.

-A prayer (based on several Psalms) dedicated to my sister
Dawn and her husband as they seek help in raising their
adopted son from Romania, age 15.
To all the saints, a call to pray.

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Feetofclay said...

I am so grateful for this, my sister's prayer to the Father, and her call to all the saints to pray. We so desperately need these prayers and the power of God to intervene in the life of our little boy. We do, indeed, feel our feet slipping and we don't think we can hold on to God's hands. Please show me, God, that You are holding on to mine.