Monday, February 5, 2007

It Takes Two

I had this great idea on Sunday to make a patchwork quilt pillow out of some pretty material I didn't need and some unused valences. I felt sure Damien would help me with the details. I knew if I said the words "pattern" or "design" he would get that light in his eye. Dame googled a quilting pattern, figured out the measurements and how it should look and then I did all the cutting and sewing. Lowen and Brae were little the last time we did anything like that so maybe that's why it took all afternoon. It was really fun. It's a great art project for long, chilly winter days. I guess it was working on it together that made me want to write about it. What creative projects do you like to spend time on?


faith said...

Oooo, I love quilting!!

Katie Lin said...

That pillow is so pretty! amazing what you can do in one afternoon. :)

sienna or kyrie or both said...


kyrie and i need pillows for our bed!! we've been meaning to get them forever... the one thing our room really lacks..

you want to make us a few??!?!
it would be so special to have pillows on my bed made by my mama... and i love that green one.. i love domestic-ness :)

love, sienna

kyrie said...

wow..i would be all about that. if you can find the time and motivation i would so love throw pillows made by my mom.