Wednesday, February 14, 2007


I remember Mrs. Gutsche saying to me a long time ago, "The older you get, the more you yearn for your first family-parents, siblings." I am still turning through the pages of The Hiding Place revisiting all my favorite paragraphs and I just think I should read a page a day of this book til I die. Corrie and Betsie seemed to me in my 20's sort of like my mom Ruth and her best friend and dear sister, Maugie. Maugie died of cancer a day before Lowen was born. That was a low time for my mother. They only reminded me of Corrie and Betsie because I saw how much they loved each other. Today when I reread one of my favorite parts of this book, I thought more of my sister Dawn and me as I imagined us in that horrible situation:

"After 4 months of being separated in the Nazi prison camp, I saw her auburn hair amid the crowd and as we stepped on to the train at the same time, I seized her hand in mine. Together we found seats in the crowded compartment, together we wept. It had been our first separation in fifty-three years. It seemed to me I could bear anything with Betsie beside me."

Isn't that beautiful yet painful and doesn't it make you realise what luxurious lives we live?


riverrat said...

Hi! Just found you out!
Great hearing your voice at the other end of the phone-we've known each other for a long time,K.H.! A LOT of living in those years for both of us.
Welcome to the blogger world and I LOVE The Hiding Place. Rachel was introduced to it this year and it impacted her like it has the rest of us!

riverrat said...

And on Pax-Rachel is the last in our home. She is stuck with the "old folks". But it has given me a real picture of what life was like for my sister after I left home and also, it is a real treat to have just "one" kid-at least part-time:-)